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WS 4 The Cheese Touch

1. Answer the questions by finding the exact information in the text and quote:


  • Why is there some cheese on the basketball court?

Quotation (p.9, lines 2- 3): “… it must’ve dropped out of someone’s sandwich.”


1.    How long has the piece of Cheese already been there?

(p.9, ll. 1-2):”That piece of Cheese has been sitting on the court since last spring”

2.    What does the cheese look like?

(p.9, l. 5):”…mouldy and nasty.”

3.    What about playing basketball there on the court?

(p.9, ll. 5-6): “Nobody would play basketball on the court…”

4.    Who started the Cheese Touch by doing what?

(p.9, ll. 8-10): “Then one day, this kid Darren Walsh touched the Cheese …”

5.    What is the Cheese Touch like?

(p. 9, ll.12-14): “It’s basically like the Cooties. If you get …”

6.    Is there any protection against it?

(p.9, ll. 21-22): “The only way to protect yourself…”

7.    What was the effect of Greg’s taping up of his fingers?

(p.10, ll. 4-5): “I got a D in handwriting, …”

8.    Where did the Cheese touch finally go?

(p.10, ll. 9-11): “This summer Abe moved away to California and took the Cheese Touch with him.”

2. What do you think about Greg’s worries that the Cheese touch might give him stress again? What would you tell him to help him get rid of that fear? Write a short piece of advice for him into your exercise books.



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