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Lösungshinweise zum Arbeitsblatt

Film Up: How Carl and Russell got to South America

Watch the scene from the film and decide whether the statements are true, false, or not in the film:

If you need help with the vocabulary, you can ...

  • ... use one of the dictionaries on the teacher´s desk
  • ... take one of the vocabulary sheets

  • First, read the sentences (see below) (3 minutes)
  • Then watch the scene about Carl and the construction workers. Cross the correct answers (5 minutes)
  • Proofread your notes carefully (2 minutes)


not in the film

Carl hits the worker with his cane because the construction company wants to tear down his house.



The court decides that Carl must sell his house to Real Estate Developer.


The police officer thinks Carl is a dangerous man.



The police officer thinks Carl should move to an old people´s home.



Carl doesn´t read Ellie´s Adventure book completely.



When the male nurses want to pick up Carl, he suddenly decides that he doesn´t want to go to the old people´s home.



When Carl wants to spend some more time in the house the nurses think he wants to go to the toilet.



The nurses think that Carl is a very untidy man.



Russell has been chasing a rat.



Russell is shocked that he finds himself on his way to South America.



When Russell is about to fall, Carl pulls him back with the rope.


Russell´s presence in the house is helpful to Carl.



Carl and Russell touch down exactly where they wanted to.




Film Up: How Carl and Russell got to South America – vocabulary

cane – (Geh-)Stock

to chase – jagen

court – Gericht

male nurse – Krankenpfleger

presence – Anwesenheit

to touch down – landen


How Carl got to South America (AB ausgefüllt für Lehrer): Herunterladen [doc][35 KB]


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