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– language

Remember: English-speaking countries are really polite (höflich). They would never say: “No, that´s not right.”

Homework: Check if you know the meaning of the words in the list. If you have to look up a word/chunk, write down the German version. Learn the list.

Giving your opinion

In my opinion...


Well, I think that …


I believe that …


I think…therefore/for this reason





You are right.


I totally agree.


You could be right there.


I think so, too.


I agree with you that …


This is a good idea because





I´m afraid, I can´t agree.


Sorry, I can´t agree.


I´m afraid in my opinion this is not right.


I see what you mean but …


I´m not quite sure




Joining a discussion

If you don´t mind I´d like to add something.


Excuse me but may I say something.


I´d love to know more about




Making a suggestion (Vorschlag)



Why don´t we …


How about (doing something)


I suggest that we


I suggest (doing something)


I´d prefer (doing something)


I´d rather (do something)



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