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I. Tick the right answer

1. Greg figures later on he will be rich and famous, does that mean

a) he will be a rich and famous figure ❒

b) he imagines a future as a rich and famous person ✓

2. Why does Greg say that „this book“ is going to „come in handy“?

a) Greg is going to have it as an app on his smartphone ❒

b) Greg believes he can use it as his autobiography once he has become famous ✓

3. What are “morons”?

a) rather dumb idiots ✓

b) hot sweet chestnuts ❒

4. What is the “record” Greg talks of?

a) the report he makes with his diary ✓

b) a disk made of vinyl ❒

c) a super result in sports ❒

II. Rewrite in your own words:

e. g.“ middle school is the dumbest idea ever invented” middle school is no good.

1. “Kids like me who haven’t hit their growth spurt yet.”


2. “… these gorillas who need to shave twice a day”


3. “Outta my way, runts!”


III. State what’s right or wrong:

1. Tuesday was the first day of school r ✓ w ❒

2. Greg writes in his diary when the teacher is busy during the lesson r ✓  w ❒

3. Plunking down ones things on any old desk in the classroom is the best

 thing to get a good permanent seat r ❒ w ✓

4. Greg was glad to sit next to Jason Brill r ❒ w ✓

5. If Greg sat between hot girls he wouldn’t have learnt anything from last year. r ✓ w ❒

6. The note for Shelly means that the girl is in love with Greg r ❒ w ✓

IV. It’s all about the girls and popularity – retell in your own words:

1. Retell what Greg says about the change of “girls”. Check pages 6- 7.

2. Why is his friend Rowley not the ideal listener for the “popularity stuff? (p.8)


Solutionsheet: Herunterladen [docx][19 KB]


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