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7e 2015/16 SEL Me and my book Checklist 

Name: ______________________________________________________

Title of your book: ______________________________________________

Before you start:

1.    Organise all the support (how to information) in alphabetical order. Check the underlined words in the headline to do this. Each lesson you must fill in the columns:

  • When did you work on it?
  • Who did you work with?
  • How much time did you need?

2.    When you work on the reading portions you must take notes in the paper Reading Portions.

3.    You must have a separate sheet where you write down vocabulary.

4.    For each task check if you must use the support material or if there is support material that you can use.

5.    If the list says “individual work” you can still do it as a team if you want to.


When did you work on it?

Who did you work with?

Who did you talk to?

How much time did you need?

(in minutes)

Compulsory support material (= you MUST use it)

Did you use the support material in your folder?

Yes: tick

1 Peanuts – book report (individual work )

Watch the following clip and fill in the worksheet 



How to take notes

2 Discussion - language (team work)

Fill in the worksheet

→ HW: learn the expressions


Discussion - language



Checkliste: Herunterladen [docx][33 KB]


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