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Vorschlag für Leistungsmessung


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

Vorschlag für Leistungsmessung

In order to be British, or at any rate to pass unnoticed in British society, the visitor must learn not to make a fuss. A fuss is something that the true Brit cannot stand. It is nearly as bad as a scene, and in the same category as drawing attention to yourself.

A clear example of fuss is complaining about poor service, for example in a hotel, shop or restaurant. The true Brit does not do this. “Just think for a moment,” says the Brit, “would you like to do their job?” If the receptionist ignores you, or the hairdresser blows smoke in your face, if the soup is cold or the taxi driver overcharges - say nothing. Who knows what disappointments, what secret sadness their lives might contain. You may purse your lips or grit your teeth; you may raise one eyebrow quizzically, but don’t complain. You can always write to the local newspaper when you get home!

Expressions to learn:

Keep your voice down, they’ll hear you!
I’m sure they’re doing their best, dear.

Avoid saying:

I demand to see the manager!



I. Complaining

  1. Describe the cartoon

    or alternatively (cartoon without words):

    Fill in the speech bubbles

2. Write a very short paraphrase of the text (max. 50 words)                   

5 VP


II. Those strange British

Compare the information you get about ‘complaining’ with what you already know about some other British idiosyncrasies, then take a look at how Germans behave in similar situations. Which kind of behaviour do you prefer? Give reasons.

Write a well-structured, coherent text of about 250 - 350 words.  

10 VP




Vorschlag für Leistungsmessung: Herunterladen [doc] [1,2 MB]

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