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Material 10: Taking a position on prejudice

    • I believe in the idea – everybody gets what (s)he deserves.
    • The idea of a scapegoat can be very helpful sometimes.
    • Prejudice affects everyone - majority group members as well as minority group members.
    • Prejudice is always related to race, culture or religion.
    • The reason for prejudice is low self-esteem / ignorance or incomplete knowledge / experience.
    • Prejudice and discrimination are the same.
    • We can’t help prejudice – it’s biological.
    • Prejudice arise when people are under pressure.
    • As long as I keep prejudice to myself it hurts no one / only me.
    • Training social skills at schools helps reducing prejudice.
    • I have never suffered through prejudice.
    • A common goal / equal status / interdependence is the basis for reducing prejudice.


    Material 10: Taking a position on prejudice: Herunterladen [doc] [50 KB]