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Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

TRAINING PROGRAM – Getting Fit for Writing an Exam on Audiovisuals

Work on you own. Choose a trailer of a film you are interested in.

A) Make notes:

  1. Focus on content:
    a) setting (time and place)
    b) characters (appearance, character traits, additional information, etc.)
    c) action
  2. Focus on camera operations:
    a) field size
    b) movements
    c) positions/point of view
    d) angles
  3. Focus on other cinematic devices , e.g. sound, montage, punctuation, lighting, text, special effects, etc.

B) Write a review in the present tense:

  1. lead-in sentence or short introductory paragraph
  2. summary of the plot
  3. comments on the action, acting, cinematography, etc. (analysis and evaluation of the trailer)
  4. conclusion giving reasons why you (do not) want to watch the whole film.

> Bring your notes, your review as well as the trailer (on a stick) to class.




  • short
  • emotionally gripping opening scene
  • short clips with one-liners that introduce characters, the setting and the plot (the main theme) and establish the genre
  • fast paced: short shots and quick cuts
  • problems are touched upon, questions are raised
  • voice(s) from the off (voiceover)
  • intertitles (explaining the main theme)
  • emotional music
  • various sound effects
  • a cliffhanger (an exciting situation at the end) that raises many questions as well as makes a lasting impression
  • additional information: name of the movie/director/protagonists etc., rating card, on-screen text that shows quotes from film reviews, official website, coming…,


e.g. CT 6, p. 90
The Language of Film: www.nibis.de/nli1/bibl/pdf/tfm06.pdf
Technical Terms: http://www.nibis.de/~deadpoets/filmsprache_tipps/languageindex.htm
Englischunterricht/ Film und TV: http://de.wikibooks.org/wiki/Englischunterricht/_Film_und_TV


Leistungsmessung Matrix Trailer frei: Herunterladen [doc] [31 KB]

Leistungsmessung Matrix Trailer gelenkt: Herunterladen [doc] [33 KB]

Trainingsprogramm Trailer: Herunterladen [doc] [31 KB]