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Welche AUFGABEN eignen sich für welche TEXTSORTE?

News-Flashes and documentaries

  • Global: Listening and viewing for gist
  • Selective: Wh-questions


  • Listening and viewing for gist
  • Analysing:
    • Who is the target audience?
    • Which atmosphere is being created?
    • Which attributes are associated with the product?
    • Why have the respective actors/actresses been chosen?
  • Analysing film technique:
    • Which means have been chosen to convey the message?

Music clips

  • Listening/viewing for gist:
    • What is the main message of the song?
  • Analysing + media techniques:
    • Is the chosen scenario suitable for the message of the song? – Give reasons.
    • Choose adjectives to describe the atmosphere
    • Camera angle…


  • listening/viewing for gist
  • Analysing:
    • Camera angle….
    • Describe characters
  • Hypothesizing:
    • Fill thought bubbles with actual words
    • How could it go on?
    • What might have happened before?

Feature films

  • listening/viewing for gist
  • Analysing:
    • Characterisation
    • Character constellation
    • Why….?
    • What emotion is being shown or being hidden?
  • Hypothesizing:
    • Describe what is not being said
    • Thought bubbles
    • How could the story go on?
    • What has just happened?


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