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Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.


I fully / quite / partly agree with you and  / but I´d like to add that...


I´m of the same opinion.


I suppose you´re right.


I´d like to point out that...


It seems to me that...


Concerning  /  as to ... I´d like to say that...


In other words...


I´m all in favour of...


In my opinion...


As far as ...is concerned.. /  As far as I´m concerned...


So do I.   /     Neither / nor do I.


You´re right up to a point.


You´ve got a point.

  As I see it...





Really? I don´t think you can say...


Yes, but on the other hand...


I see things a little differently.


I doubt whether...


That´s not true at all. You must realize that...


I think you are wrong there.


You´re contradicting yourself.


I´m afraid I disagree with you.


Do you really think so?


It´s not as simple as that.

  That´s not what I said at all. I was merely pointing out that.../
  You´re putting words in my mouth.




  first, second, third...  /   firstly, secondly, thirdly... /


to begin with..., next..., then..., finally..., last but not least....


also  /  furthermore  /   moreover  /   in addition


equally  /  likewise  /  similarly  /  in the same way


then  /  all in all  /  in conclusion  /  to sum it up


namely  /  for example  / for instance  /  that is to say 


consequently  /  so  /  therefore  /  thus  /  as a result


or rather  /  to put it another way  /  in other words


alternatively  /  on the other hand


on the contrary  /  in contrast  /  on the one hand....on the other hand

  however  /  nevertheless  /  still  / though  /  in spite of that 





Sorry to interrupt you, but...?


Did I understand you correctly?


I don´t get your point.


Would you mind explaining ...?


Are you saying that...?


I´d like to come in on that if I may.


Do you mind if I just finish this?


So what do you think?   /   What is your view on this (matter)?






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