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Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.


Arbeitsteilige Gruppenarbeit:

Globalization – definition, information


A Brief http://www.imf.org/


  1. Vocab work:

Use a bilingual dictionary and look up the following words:
Wohlstand, Investitionen, Arbeitsteilung, Anreize, Ausweitung, Zustrom, Entwicklungsländer.
Choose five more words that you think have something to do with globalisation and that you´d like to know. Look them up.
Give syour five words to another team. This team checks the words in the English-German section. If  necessary this team corrects the words and reports back.
The new team takes the new words and shares them with two more teams.

  1. Making notes on palm cards;

Structuring information
Students are called at random to report on certain aspects of globalization
Information stock exchange(Tauschbörse)
Note down the four most important aspects of globalization that you  know on green cards.
Note down four aspects you do not really understand or that you would like to know more about on red cards.
Walk around and try to get the questions on the red cards answered,

Spoken production:
Making notes on palm cards;
Structuring information
Reporting information


The three eras of globalization , Green Line Oberstufe, Klett 2009, S.160-162

See above

See above


Present trends , Summit G8, Schöningh 2010, S.157

See above

See above


War for Wealth?, summit G8, Schöningh 2010, S.163/164



Globalization and child labour

Globalization fight against child labour



www info arbeitsteilig: Gruppen für chocolate, cotton, tobacco, „foulball“
reporting info in a group jigsaw

Spoken production:
Making notes; reporting information

Criticizing globalization

Cartoons globalization


Analyzing cartoons

  1. Mini-monologues on cartoons´messages

Spoken production:
Presenting information


Fairtrade video
Video URL

Anbindung an Hör-/Sehverstehen
Faitrade video exercise durchführen
Anschliessend: American Debate: „We should all buy fairtrade goods regardless of the cost.“

Spoken interaction:
Reporting ne´s own opinion
Referring t someone else´s opinion
Spoken interaction

Fairtrade - Starbucks


http://www.youtube.com/ (Thank you video)

Panel discussion:
It´s only fair to buy fair coffee.

Spoken interaction:
agreeing, disagreeing
acting a role

Pro-con globalisation

Project 2: conducting a talk show on globalization,
Conducting a Security Council Debate on a global crisis
(Green Line Opestufe, Klett 2009)

Talk Show

Spoken interaction: agreeing, disagreeing, participating in a discussion, structuring arguments; acting a role

International Organizations

An Interview with Ban Ki-Moon, Summit G8, Schöningh 2010, S.176-179

Report: One Student reads a passage, summarizes  and reports to his/her partner. Take turns.

Spoken production








Unterrichtseinheit Globalisierung: Herunterladen [doc] [49 KB]

Unterrichtseinheit Globalisierung: Herunterladen [pdf] [122 KB]