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Getting into it


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

IV. Getting into it – Lehrer und Schüler arbeiten mit dem Text

Sprechen - Lern- und Arbeitstechniken - Lesen und Hören jeweils integrativ

1. Integration von Vorarbeiten, Planung der Textarbeit

  • Wie kann ich mit den Schülern auf dem Hintergrund ihrer Vorarbeiten den Text erarbeiten und ihnen dabei soviel individuellen Freiraum wie möglich einräumen?

Plenum: Metaplan:Überblick über bereits erarbeitete Ergebnisse und Vorschläge zum weiteren Vorgehen. Moderation: 2 Schüler

Moderation L: Erstellung eines Work plan

  • Ansatz: Think of the different characters Ali, Parvez, Bettina. Now remember the plot, i.e. chronological order of the events, of the short story. Mark passages of the text that are important for analysis – THINK! PAIR! SHARE!
  • Name important passages for your topic. Give one or two important quotes for each of them.
  • How does character/person behave, what does it tell us about topic xy?



Plenum: Präsentation von Ergebnissen, Erarbeitung eines work plan

  1. Durchführung der Textarbeit nach Schülervorschlag: Hanif Kureishi. My Son the Fanatic.
  1. ONE QUOTE FOR ONE STUDENT: Remembering the plot lines.
    • Explain/interpret quotes from the story.
    • Find headings and order them chronologically.
  2. Analysing the first part of the story
    • STUMMER IMPULS: “Soon the room was practically bare.”

Give more quotes from pages 195 – 196 In what way does Ali change? RANKING of findings according to priority.

  1. Who is Parvez?
  • You are supposed to make a role card for a possible actor.
  • MINDMAP/CLUSTER (TA): aspects to be considered: outer appearance – his origin – his family – his job – acquaintance/friends – feelings/hopes/problems – attitudes towards religion, GB
  • Partnerarbeit (PA): making a ROLE CARD
  • Situation for the presentation: Parvez talks to a passenger in his taxi; the passenger asks him questions because he has realized that the driver is depressed. HOT CHAIR
  • Summary: Do you feel sorry for Parvez?  Yes or no?   GOOD ANGEL/BAD ANGEL
  1. When and how does Parvez confront his son?
  • Scan the passage on pages 200, l. 31 – 204, l.7 What does Ali accuse his father of? Find at least 10 points. Find counter-arguments which Parvez gives and invent some yourselves.
  1. the outcome – the fight:
  • the ending of the story: LEND ME YOUR EYES (PA: 1 S liest still Text auf Folie, fasst mündlich für Partner, der diesen Text nicht sieht, da er auf die Rückwand des Klassenzimmers schaut, Textpassage zusammen).
  • Tell your partner what the passage is about. Also refer to details.
  1. reasons for Parvez’ behaviour
    Give reasons why Parvez beats his son up. Only refer to the text you have read. Write down your findings. Compare with your partner. Go together with another couple and come to a decision: referring to the text without Bettina we think that Ali beats his son up because /scene with Bettina ....
  • RANKING zu Antworten ( TA) best explanation.
  1. The last sentence of the story
  • Complete the following definition: a fanatic is some one who....
  • BLITZLICHT : Who is the fanatic?



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