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Oral exam 1


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A) Oral exam

Oral exam
Unit Ireland/reading a novel
A country of many faces
Work in pairs and on your own
Date: Mark 1 Mark 2

“Ireland - a country of many faces”

In this oral exam, you will have to go through three different phases. You may make notes, but during the exam you will have to speak freely (palm cards are allowed).

  1. Monologue: Talking about Ireland and the novel “12th Day of July” in general
  2. Dialogue: Role play based on the novel
  3. Talking about a picture/statistics or others with reference to the main topic

    1. Ireland and the novel/teacher’s questions/cues
      • Say in a few words what the novel “The 12th Day of July” is about.
      • Describe the situation the two main characters find themselves in.
      • What picture of Northern Ireland is evoked?
      • How does it contrast with what we have learned about the Republic of Ireland?
      • Can you imagine what life was like in a city like Belfast in the worst times of the conflict?

    2. Your name is John and you live in the Catholic part of Belfast. You are going to be 16 soon and you would like to invite Sally, a Protestant girl who has just moved into the neighbourhood. The relationship between Catholics and Protestants is not as bad as it used to be but people still want to keep to their own folks. You are discussing the issue with your best friend Marc.

    3. Speaking about a picture
      Ireland Which face of Northern Ireland is presented here and how does it contrast with the other impressions we got of the country while reading the novel??
      Picture from: www.publicdomainpictures.net



The 12th of July Leistungsmessung: Herunterladen [pdf] [443 KB]