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Talking about movies


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

For your preparation use this worksheet as well as all the sheets handed out in the course of the unit.

What kind of movie is it?

  • action film
  • adventure film
  • comedy film
  • crime&gangster film
  • drama film
  • historical film
  • horror film
  • science fiction film
  • western
  • etc.

What is the movie all about?

The movie is about: true friendship, family life, a holiday trip/job, broken home, running away, the problems of growing up, homelessness, young criminals, being drawn into a cult, wartime experience/events, starting a new life, school /education, a personal crisis, visitors from outer space, immigration, alienation...

The book/author: deals with, describes, focuses, centers on, shows, tells about, raises, explores, questions, confronts the viewer with...

Setting (place/time)

Is set in (rural America, present time...)
...takes place at...
The story begins when...


Major / main / central character
Hero / heroine
Minor character
A wide variety of characters
... go well together
... are portrayed realistically Believable/credible, convincing, disappointing, sensitively drawn, exaggerated, unreal...
... are confronted/faced with
... undergo a change
The reader’s sympathy is with...
You really get involved with...

Plot/story line

A good storyline well-developed
Fast-flowing action-packed
Strong fast/slow-moving
Convincing straight forward
Vivid touching
Keeps several storylines on the go
Gentle enthralling
Gripping haunting
Disappointing predictable
Confusing not the least predictable
... has pacy action
... has a surprise / unexpected / happy / sad / open ending
... has a superb twist at the end
End on / with a note of (optimism, pessimism, despair, uncertainty…)
The viewer is often one step ahead of the character(s)

Cinematic Devices

Use your additional sheets

Language /style/point of view

Uses colloquial, everyday, rough language, slang expressions.
Is highly emotional, witty, humorous.
Is seen through sb.’s eyes, told from the point of view of... , told by, told in the present tense, told in the form of (a diary...).

My personal response

It was not what I expected. I was really disappointed. You shouldn’t miss that movie. This is an excellent movie. Oh, you simply must watch it. I couldn’t get my eyes off it. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

Great, excellent (from start to finish), brilliant, a delight, a must, thoroughly enjoyable, highly recommendable, hugely entertaining. Remarkable, a good watch.

Makes you want to watch more, has a lot going for it, is bound to make you (laugh), a great movie if you’re into (spine-chilling horrors, romances...), perfect if you’re looking for a movie that sets your nerves on edge/ sets the imagination soaring.

...really makes you think, thought-provoking, full to the brim with (suspense), has a satisfying mixture of (romance and horror), offers a touch of (horror...), rather confusing, not always an easy read, hard/difficult to read, too challenging, boring/dull, totally unbelievable, not interesting at all, not my cup of tea...


(Kriterien können im Vorfeld mit den Schülern ausgearbeitet werden, e.g. Language – words, grammar, fluency, etc.)



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