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Criminal justice


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.


  1. Persons and Institutions
    • bailiff, court usher
    • court, the European Court of Justice, courtroom
    • defense attorney
    • judge
    • lawyer
    • prosecuter
    • system of criminal justice
    • the accused
    • trial
    • witness
    • witness stand
  2. Expressing views about crime and punishment
    • it’s about time to bring the criminals to justice
    • miscarriage of justice
    • mitigating circumstances
    • xy committed a minor offence
    • xy faces trial on the basis of unreliable evidence or trumped-up charges
    • xy is not fit to stand trial
    • xy serves out his sentence
    • xy will be put on trial
    • xy will be released someone early for good behaviour
    • xy will not escape punishment
    • xy will receive custodial sentence
  3. Courts and trials
    • a key witness gave evidence
    • the accused denies all knowledge of…the accused was remanded in custody
    • the trial was adjourned until…
    • the verdict was overturned in the Court of Appeal
    • xy contests the verdict
    • xy did not appear in court
    • xy felt that justice had been served.
    • xy is an unreliable witness
    • xy was awarded damages
    • xy was convicted to…, conviction
    • xy was sentenced to prison for xy years



  • short
  • emotionally gripping opening scene
  • short clips with one-liners that introduce characters, the setting and the plot (the main theme) and
  • stablish the genre
  • fast paced: short shots and quick cuts
  • problems are touched upon, questions are raised
  • voice(s) from the off (voiceover)
  • intertitles (explaining the main theme)
  • emotional music
  • various sound effects
  • a cliffhanger (an exciting situation at the end) that raises many questions as well as makes a lasting impression
  • additional information: name of the movie/director/protagonists etc., rating card, on-screen text that shows quotes from film reviews, official website, coming…,



1 Mainly based on O’Dell, Felicity and Michael McCarthy: English Collocation in Use. Cambridge (CUP) 2008.



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