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The British Way

Starter :

Round Robin:
Looking at the picture which details attracts your attention most/first?

The British Way
Summit G8 , Schöningh 2010
Seiten 14 und 15
cartoon+ Britain’s search for an identity
Green Line Oberstufe , Klett 2009
Seite 103

Working with the text

Can one of the following suggestions for a national motto be matched with one of the quotations? Discuss why, why not.

  • No motto please, we’re British.
  • We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Once mighty empire, slightly used.
  • Britain The Birthplace of Freedom
  • Free, Tolerant, Fair-minded & True

    word bank:

    Both the comment and the motto ...
    Just as/ Like the motto ..., the comment ...
    Motto and comment have in common ...
    While/Whereas the motto ..., the comment ...
    The comment on the contrary ...
    The motto … . The comment, however, …
    In contrast to …



Material 8: textwork: Concepts of national identity: Herunterladen [doc] [89 KB]