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When you write a text (comment, essay etc), there are a few things you should remeber:

  • Structure your ideas.
  • Write n introduction.
  • Write a new paragraph for a new idea.
  • Write a conclusion.
  • Check your text for mistakes (what are your favourite mistakes?
  • Use linking words like: in addition, on the one hand / on the other hand, first of all, as a result, besides, to conclude... (find more yourself)
  • Never begin with "I tell you about ... now!!!
  • Start with repeating the topic / question so that the reader knows what you are writing about without having to read the task.
  • Never write phrases like ... or something (like that / else) - that does not mean anything, leave it out.

Textproduktion sollte immer folgende Schritte beinhalten:

  1. Planen
    • wer liest meinen Text?
    • was will ich schreiben?
    • wozu schreibe ich?
  2. Sammeln (Argumente, Fakten, Ideen etc.)
  3. Sortieren des Gesammelten nach Wichtigkeit, logischem Zusammenhang etc.
  4. Erster Entwurf
  5. Feedback dazu durch Lehrer und/oder Peers, eigene Überprüfung
  6. Endgültige Fassung


Auch ein zweiter Entwurf und weiteres Feedback sind denkbar.



Textproduktion: Herunterladen [doc] [24 KB]

Textproduktion: Herunterladen [pdf] [7 KB]