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Oral exam 2

„Oral Exam“ Beispiel 2

1. Monologisches Sprechen mit Lehrerimpulsen

Partner A: You are to speak for about 8-10 minutes.

  1. Describe the photo (Belfast wall; soldiers patrolling in the streets) Picturescan easily be found!!!
  2. State your opinion: The British should have pulled out of Northern Ireland much earlier.
  3. Discuss the differences between being brought up in Germany and in Northern Ireland.

Partner B: You are to speak for about 8-10 minutes.

  1. Describe the photo (graffiti on Belfast walls, children looking at British soldiers).
  2. State your opinion: It’s always children that suffer most.
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of Irish reunification.

2. Dialogisches Sprechen (10 minutes)

Talking about the novel

Discuss the statements below with your partner. Bear in mind what we discussed in class/presented in front of the group and try to reach an agreement: Kevin and Sadie have helped overcome the deep-seated hatred between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.

  1. Not celebrating the “Twelfth” was completely wrong because it’s important to cling to old traditions.
  2. Two young teenagers in love doesn’t mean anything in a conflict of such historical importance.
  3. A day on the beach instead of being “in the middle of it” shows that politics do not really trouble young people.
  4. Kevin and Sadie should just have stayed with their own people.
  5. The open ending of the novel shows that nothing has changed.
  6. Their story has nothing to do with me whatsoever.


3. Sprechen in der Triade (S-S-L) - 10 minutes

You have discussed the novel at length and have hopefully come to an agreement. Present your agreement to an imaginary audience but you have to change your speech according to the tasks below. Your teacher may intervene or become part of the talk.One speaker starts, speaker 2 takes over when he feels like it:

  1. Speak about your agreement to a group of teenagers.
  2. Justify your decision in front of the author.
  3. Explain to your teacher how you reached your agreement.

Bemerkungen: Die 3 Teile der mündlichen Prüfung sind aufeinander abgestimmt und behandeln ein zuvor intensiv behandeltes Thema. Der Schüler muss gemäß den Bildungsstandards ganz bestimmte Kompetenzen und „skills“ vorweisen, die in verschiedener Form und Ausprägung zum Tragen kommen. Ausreichend Vorbereitungszeit sollte eingeräumt werden. Im ersten Teil (monologue) sollte der Schüler frei sprechen, wird aber durch verschiedene Lehrerimpulse gesteuert.

Je nach Intention und Möglichkeiten ist auch eine mündliche Prüfung in der Triade (siehe oben) denkbar.

(Zu Kompetenzen siehe auch Stundenkonzeption)



The 12th of July Leistungsmessung: Herunterladen [pdf] [443 KB]