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B) Klassenarbeit

Text siehe handout from “The Twelfth Day of July” by Joan Lingard, Cornelsen 1990, page 117

I) Comprehension

  1. Explain in about 50 words how it could come to this violent confrontation.
  2. Summarize the outcome of this confrontation in not more than five sentences.
  3. Outline the significance of this extract for the whole novel.

10credits (80 words)

I) Creative writing

10 credits (100-120 words)

Choose one of the following questions:

  1. Imagine you are either Kevin or Sadie. Write a diary entry for the day of the confrontation.
  2. Sadie and her brother decide not to go to the popular march. Write a dialogue in which they ponder the pros and cons of going or not going.

Language: 30 credits



The 12th of July Leistungsmessung: Herunterladen [pdf] [443 KB]