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The English today


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

Starter :

Round Robin:
Looking at the picture which details attracts your attention most/first?

The English today
Green Line Oberstufe , Klett 2009
Seiten 92 und 93

Working with the text

Before reading the text

Think about /Discuss the following questions with a partner:

  • Which criteria would you use to identify an English person?
  • Who would you say represents his/her country best?
    (head of state, sportsman …)
  • What according to you is the difference between English and British?
  • Is the idea of a United States of Europe something to look forward to or something to dread?
  • Is the idea of national identity an idea of the past?


While reading the text

highlight words and phrases in answer to the questions above.



Material 8: textwork: Concepts of national identity: Herunterladen [doc] [89 KB]