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Sprachmittlung – how to


Diese Seite ist Teil einer Materialiensammlung zum Bildungsplan 2004: Grundlagen der Kompetenzorientierung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bildungsplan fortgeschrieben wurde.

Non-fictional texts

  • WHO is speaking?
  • WHAT is she/he saying?
  • WHY is this happening, being reported?
  • WHAT`S THE PURPOSE of this text?
  • WHY is the author telling this/did this happen?

Fictional/literary texts

  • WHO are the protagonists?
  • HOW can they be characterized, HOW do they behave/interact?
  • WHAT is the main issue, problem?
  • HOW is the text structured?
  • WHAT is the atmosphere LIKE?

Leave out

  • Information that is not necessary to understand what is going on.
  • Information that is given in detail.
  • Information that is given repeatedly.


The step-by-step manual
Find keywords (“ Exzerpieren” )

  • Select keywords according to the lists given above
  • Order keywords and weed out unnecessary or repeated information
  • Read the task (“ Aufgabenstellung”) again and decide whether you need to include any further information or leave out anything else
  • Order keywords according to the task – watch out for Operatoren

Write your text


  • repetition of information
  • tenses
  • register (what is the context – formal, colloquial, political…)
  • purpose (to inform, to criticize..)

Sprachmittlung  - dialogue

  • WHO is speaking?
  • WHAT is the context/situation?
  • WHAT does she/he want to say/achieve?

Saying your text

  • Focus on the general message
  • Leave out unnecessary details
  • Pay special attention to:
    • Tenses:
    • Now (present tense)
    • Then and now (present perfect)
    • Some time ago( past tense)
    • In the future (will-/going to future)
  • Make sure that you keep the right register:
    • Applying for a job à formal
    • Asking for directions, in a shop … rather formal, slightly colloquial
    • Talking to your friends à colloquial, but maintaining standards of intercultural politeness



Sprachmittlung – how to: Herunterladen [doc] [28 KB]