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  • (Selbst-)Diagnosebögen
  I can ... No problem! I sometimes find this difficult. I definitely need more practice.
sprechen communicate with my classmates and my teacher.      
contribute detailed information on subjects related to my interests or experience.      
express my ideas spontaneously.      
express my emotional reactions.      
express my views in a discussion.      
relate my contributions well to those of other speakers.      
give a short talk, using clear and well-structured speech.      
  • alle bekannten Übungs- und Prüfungsformen
    • Beschriftung einer Abbildung
    • Zuordnung Definition – Begriff
    • Ergänzungsübungen
    • Erläuterung eines Begriffs
  • außerschulische Zertifizierungen (example taken from: ESOL; FCE, University of Cambridge, 2008)

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