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Erarbeitung / Ausführung



paar- oder gruppenweises Überprüfen oder Erarbeiten

hören sehen Hör-/Hör-Sehverstehen
sprechen Sprechen

A) The central character: Felix

Pfeil S verfolgen den gesamten Film,

  • ordnen die vorab gezeigte Szene in den Gesamtzusammenhang des Plots ein
  • üben sich im strukturierten note-taking
  • charakterisieren die Hauptfigur

Think! Individuelles Arbeiten
Hand According to the given aspect (e.g. family background), note down your findings.


Pair! Partnerarbeit/Kleingruppe
Hand Compare your notes and agree on result to be presented.

Share! Gallery Walk

Individuelle Ergebnissicherung

Hand Take down 10 noteworthy points of information on the central character.
Make sentences with the help of
to begin with – above all – as to – while – consequently – despite – in short

B) Having A closer look: A brooklyn Neighbourhood

Pfeil S wählen und arbeiten an einzelnen screenshots  und Filmszenen

  • erkennen die Wirkweise der genutzten filmischen Mittel
  • interpretieren bzw. paraphrasieren die filmische Symbolik
    (z. B. rats in the convenience store, television programmes)

sprechen Sprechen


(sentences + screenshots on the back)
Hand Continue the sentences.

  1. The love in my family shows when …
  2. I am at my best when …
  3. Having enough money = I can …
  4. When my friends and me hang out, we …

Hand Choose the corner which seems most interesting to you and discuss
the results with the others. (= Gruppenbildung)
Hand Turn the paper around and consider these points with regard to the
protagonist of the film.
? Which means/tools does the film use to present these aspects?
Hand Put down 8 statements to be processed while re-viewing the film.
(Music is played when … / Television programmes show that … Objects are kept vague when …)

    Hilfsmatrix (Ergebnisfixierung; vielleicht als Poster)


family situation

social class


































hören sehen Hör-/Hör-Sehverstehen

Hand Review the film to discuss your expectations/statements.
Hand Enter your results into the matrix and be able to explain the keywords.

Individuelle Ergebnissicherung

Hand Take down 10 sentences on film grammar choosing from the following verbs:
work with / help to / reveal / interpret / guide / emphasize / focus attention on / make the viewer feel / divert attention / create / cause / convey / …

sprechen Sprechen

Merry-go-round / listening triads / ...

Hand Discuss the following with regards to the protagonist
Science says ..
Peer-pressure weighs more heavily on the development of an individual when there is

  • low self-esteem,
  • a lack of goals or positive outlook on the future,
  • reduced social skills or ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and
  • particularly weak connections to family and community.



Working with films: Herunterladen [doc] [154 KB]